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Bond fusion hair extensions in Eastleigh 

Why choose bond fusion hair extensions?

Our staff are fully qualified hair extension technicians we offer a full consultation, pre wash as well as a full afterpack.

for specialists hair care, wedding and prom styling, hair dying and highlighting, it is always best to contact us to arrange for an appointment.

Benefits of bond hair extensions:

•  Adds voume and length
•  Adds colour and depth
•  Ideal for all types of hair
•  100% human hair used
•  Removal is simple and safe 

We use the fusion method which means your new look appears more natural and easier to look after. Hair extensions are the perfect way to give yourself a completely new image in just a few hours, adding both length and volume to your natural hair. Using 100% human hair extensions will look, feel and behave like your own hair, giving you the versatility to style, curl or even colour. Choose your perfect length from our range and bring the look of your dreams to life for any occasion. Undetectable extensions providing you with the glamour you deserve.

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extension technicians

Talking Heads Hair Salon’s hair extension technicians

If you are looking for high quality real hair extensions but are concerned about the damage they can do to your hair then bond extensions are the perfect solution. We have a team of trained hair extension technicians who can apply the extensions on you with utmost care and professionalism. Contact us today and speak about your requirements.
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